A Wu-Bee Bulldogs

adorable little stars...


Waiting time is over......now they are home....

Mother and puppies are doing just fine.

Lovely puppies - 3 girls and 2 boys


A Wu-Bee´s EX - LITTER

A Wu-Bee´s

EX-ceptional Pride

A Wu-Bee´s

EX-clusive Class

A Wu-Bee´s

EX-plosion of Joy

A Wu-Bee´s

EX-traordinary Car

A Wu-Bee´s

EX-otic Dancer








What comes with your puppy:

  • Pedigree from The Danish Kennel Club (FCI)
  • Purchase agreement
  • Health certificat from the vet
  • Food for the first days in the puppies new home
  • Chip marked for registration
  • Deworming several times
  • Vaccinated the first time
  • Folder with infos from the pups upbringing
  • EU passport

It´s the first ½ year which will prepare the puppy to the many things ist will be exposed to the rest of its live. Therfore it´s very important that the puppy is socialized from af very young age.

We will do our very best to prepare the puppy to a life away from us.

The puppy will be used to daily sounds as the radio, television, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, etc.

We povide the puppy with contact to other people than us and make sure that it will be accustomed to children.

We will start the training but the new owner has to keep up the work. The foundation of a nice long life together with your new dog will start right at the moment you enter your front door.

To ensure that the puppy will get to know as many people and dogs as possible, we can recommend puppy-training.

Our phone is always open, if there should occur any questions or other stuff.

So don´t hesitate to call or write us.

We are very interested in hearing how it is going with puppies from our Kennel.

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